Moving House?

So you're on the move ....

Moving house is one of THE most stressful things we do in our adult life.  It is a roller-coaster of emotions from feelings of happiness, stress, anxiety, joy, worry, elation, frustration, fear and helplessness!

When the time comes that you have finally sold your house and you're on the move there is so much to do it can be very overwhelming.

I can offer a service which removes just a tiny element of stress for you when you've just moved house.

My unpacking and organising service for house movers gives you time to concentrate on all of the other boxes that need unpacking when you move.  Imagine it, you are unpacking pots and pans in the kitchen while I am unpacking, hanging, folding and organising all of your clothes in to your new wardrobe.

I can help you declutter your wardrobe before you move house to ensure that you only bring with you the clothes that you actually love and want to keep, after all there's no point paying your removals to move clothes you aren't going to wear is there? For more details have a look at my Wardrobe Styling packages.

My charges for House Move Wardrobe Organisation are at a fixed rate of £40 per hour.*

For more information please contact me for a free initial chat.


* Any additional storage boxes, hangers and mileage will be charged extra as a cash payment on the day, as per my terms and conditions