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Hi I'm Helen and I passionately believe that clothes really can be the difference between a good day and a bad day, they influence your mood, your posture and how you feel about yourself.

How many times have you left the house feeling as though you look fat, boring, old fashioned, frumpy, fidgeting around with your clothes, uncomfortable and generally not feeling great about yourself?

Do you open your wardrobe only to find a cluttered mess, full of clothes that you hardly ever wear, reaching for the same outfits over and over again?

If that is the case, you've come to the right place as I offer the full Styling Services of Personal Styling, Wardrobe Edits and Personal Shopping.

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If you are unsure whether to book a Styling Session, whether that be a Wardrobe Consultation or a Personal Shop, read below for what my clients say about their experience

"Wow! Helen is a wonderful Wardrobe Fairy who worked very hard to sort my very untidy overfilled wardrobe, but we had fun too. I can now enjoy seeing what l have and she gave me so many useful tips and advice on what went together. She is a star!"

Barbara, Nottingham

"Can't recommend Helen enough! She helped organise my wardrobe, gave great tips but mostly boosted my confidence in what I wear! If your wardrobe doesn't inspire you book a session now!"

Claire, Derbyshire

Just spent the morning going through my wardrobe with Helen - she's given me SO many ideas on how to put outfits together and taught me to think about what colours and shapes go together well. We even found some items that will be perfect with a bit of alteration, for example turning a dress that was too short into a top and having sleeves shortened on a dress - I would never have thought of that! She also advised me on a few items to buy that will enable me to wear my existing clothes in different ways. Money well spent - thank you so much Helen. Highly recommended to anyone who needs a bit of help in sorting out their wardrobe and figuring out how to put outfits together.

Julie, Nottingham

This lady is an angel!! She organised both my wardrobes , was so friendly and understanding. I feel like a new woman. I felt ashamed about the state of them but she really put me at ease and basically organised them so I keep a manage on my clothes. Highly recommended, worth every penny … don’t think about booking her, just do it, you’ll feel so much better . Xx

Georgia, Leicester

I cannot stop staring at my beautiful tidy organised wardrobes. I am sat on my bed with the doors open just looking at them! I was really worried and apprehensive as I have a tendency to hold on to clothes that have emotional attachments to them or that I love even though they might be a bit worn. I’ve got items that are older than my children!

I didn’t need to worry, once started it felt liberating to be decluttering and for once receiving honest advice about clothes that I wasn’t really sure suited me (my husband always complements even if I’m not sure on an item).

I have been moaning for months that I have a wardrobe of clothes that don’t fit and thought that I would have to buy lots more if I had my wardrobes ‘fairied’. I didn’t need to worry because actually most of it does fit and I have had advice on new outfits that I may not have previously thought to put together. I can’t wait to start wearing clothes that I love again rather than them being bunched together and hidden in a messy wardrobe. I know exactly what I have and can see it all. I’ve been recommended to buy a new pair of black skinny jeans to bring some outfits together but that is all. I can’t wait get dressed tomorrow as I now have so much choice again! It’s amazing what a bit of reorganising can do! Thank you Wardrobe Fairy!!

Nicky, Newark

Helen recently helped me sort out my wardrobe and I couldn't be happier with the help and advice she gave.

I had been feeling for a while that my clothes were looking a bit 'tired' and thatI didn't have anything smart or sassy to wear on a night out. I'm a mum to a 5 year old boy so mostly found in jeans and hoodie with mud and food stains on them!

Facebook also kept showing memories from years ago and I realised I was still wearing many clothes I'd had for more than 5 years. Not that there's anything wrong with keeping clothes for years but some of the things I had weren't great quality and that's why they looked so jaded.

We went through every item in my wardrobe and I was amazed at all the different outfits Helen suggested with just the things I already had!

It helped so much having a fresh pair of stylish eyes on my clothes as I had lost all inspiration with them. It was also much easier to part with one or two loved but worn out items - almost like being given permission to let them go that I hadn't been able to give myself.
I can honestly say I feel lighter and brighter since having this session. I know that I like everything that remains, that there are a lot more combinations of clothes I can dress up or down and that all I needed was these tips and a few new tops!

Helen also followed up afterwards with a number of links to sale items that were the sort of things we'd discussed. I don't really like or have much time for traipsing round the shops so this sort of help is a godsend to me.

I'd really recommend the Wardrobe Fairy to anyone. It's more than just cleaning out the wardrobe, it's an uplifting experience that has made me feel good about myself and my image again. Thank you Helen."

Sally, Leicester