About Me!

Hi, I'm Helen and I am a fully trained Wardrobe & Image Coach, helping you feel organized, decluttered and fabulous in what you wear everyday. I am very passionate in my beliefs that clothes really can be the difference between a good day and a bad day.

I have ALWAYS loved clothes, shoes, bags, shopping, accessories, etc etc.  Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed shopping and looking nice.  I think my Mum and Grandma have taught me well. My Grandma still wore her heels and lipstick to go shopping when she was in her late 80s!

The favourite part of styling for me is the wardrobe organisation.  As I always say,

"If you can't see it, you won't wear it"

I love to see everything in its place, easily accessible, tidy and organised.

So you are probably thinking why choose Helen to look at my wardrobe?

Well the majority of my clients are people like me, in their 40s, with kids, no time to spare for themselves, feel that they don't look right, don't know what to wear anymore, have lost their way with clothes, their bodies have changed shape. Does this sound familiar?


I know how you feel. I'm in my late 40s, I'm married and I have 3 children (3 very lively and noisy boys to be honest!).

I have a history of body image problems and therefore am VERY understanding to people's feelings when it comes to body negatitivy and trying to turn that in to body positivity. That is the main reason for me training to be an Image Consultant, for my own self-esteem and then to help other ladies feel good about themselves.

I like to think I am a kind, caring and compassionate person and I am very open and honest about my feelings towards my own body issues and how I dress to make me feel good.

Your clothes and wardrobe can have a HUGE impact on your mood and stress levels, believe me I know.  If you feel good about yourself and what you are wearing it can enable you to have a great day, give you more confidence and make you feel younger and happier.

Let me take the stress out of one aspect of your life, your wardrobe!