At Home Personal Shop & Styling


Many people don't like the thought of shopping the high street, especially during the Covid pandemic eventhough lockdown restrictions are easing, masks can feel suffocating and most of the changing rooms are closed.

The At Home Personal Shop is the ideal way of having a personal shop, but in your own home! 

I will come to your home with my little pink laptop (yes it really is pink) and we can shop together online for those essential items missing from your wardrobe. We can enjoy shopping together in a relaxed environment, I only ask that you provide the tea!

When we have finished the online shop I will return to your home when all of the items ordered have been delivered and we can style them, making sure they fit correctly, that they suit you, that you will actually wear them and decide if you are sending any items back.

By doing this you get a double dose of Wardrobe Fairy magic but at the same cost as a high street personal shop.

It is recommended that any Personal Shop is carried out following you Wardrobe Consultation so we can establish exactly what are the missing items in your wardrobe. If you would like any further information please use the contact form above.

If you would like to purchase this service please click here.