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  1. People like reading about people, its a fact. So I'm joining in with a few fellow Instagrammers and doing my very short Up Close & Personal! So, here goes ......

    I’m Helen, I’m 43 and I live with my hubster of almost 20 years (aggghhh where did the time go??) although we’ve been together for 23 years.

    I’ve got 3 very handsome boys (yes, I’m biased but they really are gorgeous).

    I was a finalist for Miss Nottingham when I was 20 when Hunter from Gladiator was a judge!

    I was anorexic in my early 20s which was triggered by the diagnosis of my father’s terminal cancer.  At my lowest my BMI was around 15 and I weight 6st 12lb (I’m almost 5ft 8in).The eating problems lasted 10 years and I still have low body confidence and dysmorphic issues, 20 years later from when it started.

    I truly believe anorexia and eating disorders are not triggered by pictures in magazines, there has to be a mental health issue, bullying, trauma etc that starts it, the pictures in magazines simply fuel the problem.

    My oldest, twins aged 12, were born 13 weeks premature and spent 3 months in NICU at the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham. A very rocky rollercoaster ride from which they have grown to be very strong, kind, caring boys with no lasting effects of the prematurity (true miracles).  They weighed 1lb 13oz and 1lb 15oz each.

    My 3rd boy didn’t speak until he was 3.5 years old, it was a very stressful few years, wondering why and LOTS of speech therapy.  He’s now 5 and you can’t shut him up!

    I’ve had PND after both pregnancies.

    My father whom I worshiped died 3 months after I got married, I was just 24.

    I worked as a PA for many years before I had my first children at 30. I used to be able to type at 90wpm, a bit rusty nowadays!

    I used to go to the shops EVERY lunchtime when I worked as a PA in the city. I’ve ALWAYS loved clothes and shopping and I’ve always tried to look good. The men in the office used to see what shoes I was wearing most days, I love coloured shoes!

    Shortly after I had my first children I decided to retrain.  I’d watched Trinny & Susannah and Gok, used to love watching The Clothes Show etc and though “I can do that”.  I trained with the Alicia Kite Academy to be an Image Consultant and loved it! This was about 10 years ago.

    I found it hard to build my client base, this was before the days of social media! I was successful but I had a wobble and decided to take a break! And then had my 3rd boy!

    BUT NOW I’M BACK, raring to go and full of energy (maybe due to my keto diet!).

    There is no better feeling than making another woman feel fabulous, and that is what I love!

    I am genuinely a very caring and kind person, I like to think I’m generous and loyal too.

    Anyway, enough about me, I could waffle on all day, but I hope you’ve found that interesting.

    Sending love & style to all x



  2. A couple of weeks ago I went on my own to Goks One Size Fits All event at the Crowne Plaza in Nottingham.  When I booked the ticket the last thing I thought I would end up doing would be talking on stage with the man himself! 

    Since then, a few people have asked how I ended up on stage with him, so I thought I'd blog it!

    The event was all about styling, underwear, fashion shows, Shopping, a gorgeous lunch and toward the end there was going to be a Q&A session for Gok.  There were postcards on each table with space for your name and a question for Gok. 

    I dithered for a few minutes and decided this was my chance!

    I wrote my name and asked the question (which I think was more or less):

    "Hi Gok, I'm a new business and I wonder if you would be kind enough to give me a shout out on Instagram, my insta name is Wardrobe Fairy Nottingham.  Thank you".

    That was all I put.

    The question and answer session started.  Around 5 questions were read out to Gok about his family, his favourite things etc etc and then Gok's assistant said .... "the next question is from Helen Keightley ...."

    My heart lept and I started to feel hot!

    He read the question out in full and Gok asked where I was.  I put my hand in the air and then he announced that I should join him on stage!

    I was a NERVOUS WRECK! Stood on the stage in the middle of the room, surrounded by 300 ladies, I could feel their gaze.  My mouth was dry, my knees were shaking, all I could think was I wish I'd have worn something different, I wish I'd done my hair different etc etc!

    Gok spoke for a few minutes about how he feels strongly about promoting small businesses and was very impressed that I'd be brave enough to ask the question.

    He then gave me my 30 seconds to speak about Wardrobe Fairy!

    At the time I felt like I was waffling on and saying "erm" quite a lot but having watched the video back again, it isn't too bad.  A very kind lady on my table videoed it for me, knowing I was at the event on my own.

    The feedback I got from ladies at the event was fantastic and Gok really helped raise my profile on Instagram.

    So the message really is, if you don't pluck up the courage, bite the bullet and be brave, you never know what you could achieve!

    If you haven't seen the video, head over to my Facebook page and watch it on there.

    Thank you Gok, you are awesome!