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Imagine the horror, you are on a ladies night out, all dressed up in your little black dress, sparkly jewellery and a beautiful clutch bag. 

You're feeling fantastic, when you glance down and notice your wearing NAVY BLUE TIGHTS! The shock, the horror, the embarrassment, you feel sooooo self-conscious!

This could moment of horror could very easily be avoided!

In poor lighting, evening time, scrabbling around in the bottom of your draw you literally cannot tell which tights are black and which are navy.

Store your tights separately, in labelled boxes, or shoes boxes, or cosmetic bags, or draw dividers, etc, etc, you get the gist!

You need no more than 10 pairs of tights IN TOTAL! Even if you wear tights every day, you need a pair to wear, a pair to wash, a few choices of colours, and a couple of spare pairs in case of the dreaded ladder!

I always recommend to clients that they carefully review their winter tights before the cold weather arrives.  Any signs of bobbles, plucks, holes or ladders, GET RID! A pair of old tights can drastically ruin your outfit! It costs approximately £8 for a pack of 2 or 3 good quality 80 denier tights.  It won't break the bank but it could break your outfit if you don't invest in this wardrobe essential! 

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