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Chub Rub, Thigh Chafing, whatever you want to call it there are more of us suffering with it at the moment than those who aren’t!

You know, that horrible uncomfortable feeling as your thighs stick together in the hot weather, and at times get down right sore! 

This blog is not intended to cause offense or be detrimental to anybody, I am a size 12 and suffer with thigh rubbing. 

It used to be recommend that you use Vaseline but that can leave you feeling sticky and damp as though your pelvic floor has given in (not a good feeling) or talcum powder but that can congeal and form a sticky paste! Not nice at all!

So I thought I’d do a bit of Chub Rub research and here’s what I’ve found ……. oh and click on the pink text for links! 

Thigh Bands

These are like the top of a hold-up stocking, without the nylon legs! 

They have anti slip coating to prevent them rolling up and slipping down but are pretty and prevent the thighs actually sticking together. 

Amazon Thigh Bands

John Lewis Anti-Chafing Bands 

Available in different sizes to get a good fit and can be found at places such as John Lewis, Amazon, Boo Hoo, New Look, eBay etc.

Amazon Thigh Bands with phone holder

You could opt for the lace variety, some of which even have a mobile phone pocket (not sure about having to hitch my skirt up to answer the phone) or a plain version which would be better if you are wearing a lighter weight fabric.

Amazon Anti-Chafing Lace Thigh Bands 


Anti- Chafing Pants

These are similar to a shorts knicker but have longer legs to cover the upper thigh and prevent chafing.

Big Bloomers Pants

Pretty and comfy to wear these are a good alternative to the thigh bands if you are worried about them slipping down or rolling up.

Always opt for cotton though to prevent getting too hot and uncomfortable.

Snag Tights pants

Available from various places such as M&S, ASOS, The Big Bloomers Company, Snag Tights, JD Williams, here are a few examples .....


Marks & Spencer Longline Shorts 

The Big Bloomers Company

Snag Tights - Chub Rub Shorts 

JD Williams - Sloggi Long Leg Briefs  

Better Tights - Chub Rub Shorts


An Unlikely Miracle Product

Last year people went crazy for a so called “miracle cream” in the form of, believe it or not, Asda’s own brand Little Angels Liquid Talc.

Little Angels Talc

It is used to prevent chafing in babies but it is meant to work miracles on ladies thighs and under your boobs, both of which are problem areas when the weather is scorching! 

It is still available and at 90p a tube it is well worth a try!

Asda Little Angels Liquid Talc 


Face Primer!

Not just for your face apparently, it also works wonders on your thighs to give a silky smooth finish to your skin and stop chaffing.

This particular product by Maybelline has rave reviews and at £7.99 it is worth a try, and if it doesn’t work on your thighs you can still use it as a makeup primer. 

Maybelline Primer 



Body Glide Balm

This is a product specifically designed for women to prevent chaffing, available at stockists such as Amazon, eBay and several running / athletic outlets.  I believe it is widely used by runners and has a good reputation.

Body Glide Balm

 It comes in a roll-on deodorant style form, almost like a glue Pritt Stick and is £11.95 + P&P, quite pricey but it will last a long time.

BodyGlide Balm - Amazon  


Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel

Available at Boots and other retails, it forms a breathable barrier on your skin to prevent sticking and soreness.  At £6.30 per tube it is an affordable option.

Lanacane Anti Chafing Gel  

Lanacane Gel


Glamza ChubRub Anti Chafing Cream

Another cream which acts as a barrier and can be used not only on thighs but on boobs, armpits, nipples, feet, neck, all the areas which can cause discomfort and chafing.

Not only does it act as a shield it also acts as a moisturiser.

This product has very good reviews and a good reputation and at less than £5 per pot it is a worthwhile purchase. 

Glamza Chub Rub Cream



This is just a selection of products available to help the dreaded chub rub, there are many others online but these are the ones I have researched and seem to have the best reviews.



If you are suffering with your thighs rubbing in this hot weather, try and opt for lightweight trousers instead of dresses or skirts. It's better to opt for a cotton or linen fabric which won't make you sweat and is breathable, avoid viscose, nylon and polyester.

Styles that would work well are wide leg culottes, city or bermuda length shorts, lightweight jumpsuits or longer leg playsuits.

Try to avoid heavy fabrics such as denim as these may cause more friction making the problem worse!

I'm intending on writing my next blog focussing on culottes and summer trousers so watch this space.



Like I said at the beginning, this blog is not intended to cause offense or be detrimental to anybody, I am a size 12 and suffer with thigh rubbing. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a size 10, 14, 18, 20 …. If your body shape means you have larger thighs, then it’s more than likely you will suffer with your thighs rubbing together in hot weather, this little blog is purely intended to help and make you feel more comfortable. 

I am not endorsing any of these products, they are purely ideas and research I have undertaken on your behalf.

Thanks for reading and stay safe and stylish in the sunshine!


Much love, Helen



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  1. Christine Pearson

    Really good advice with lots of options. Something to suit everyone.

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  2. Sarah Perkins

    Great article. I have a couple of pairs of snag tights shorts- I?ve found them great for under dresses. And not too hot either. Tried the lanacane & wasn?t that impressed - didn?t last very long! x

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  3. Sharon Spray

    This is great, really helpful. Thank you Helen x

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