Get up, dress up and never give up!

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With the awarenss of mental health being talked about more these days, especially this week,  I thought I would share my feelings too.

I think the importance and impact of clothing is often underestimated.  I have suffered with body image issues the whole of my adult life, and I'm now 43!

Clothing can have a HUGE impact on your mood, your thought pattern, your daily accomplishments, your wellbeing.

I think sometimes people wonder as I pass through the playground in a morning, how has she got time to do her hair and makeup, to wear a co-ordinating necklace to her outfit and a matching handbag! Well, for me, its not a matter of choice, its a necessity.

If I don't make the effort to get up and dress up then I probably would give up! 

I often have "ugly days" as all us women do, where I wish I'd have worn something different, something more trendy, something less dress, or more dressy, a different pair of shoes, a looser skirt, a brighter jumper, etc etc, I'm not perfect by any means. 

But what I do know for sure is that when I do make an effort, it totally transforms my mood.  I walk with more confidence, I grow taller (yes literally because I'm not hiding under my own shoulders!), I'm far more productive and gives me a spring in my step. Even down to the smallest thing like wearing a necklace, or a scarf.  Try it, see how it makes you feel and let me know!

I won't lie, I've had my fair share of dark days, I've suffered with depression and anxiety on and off for 20 years and still sometimes struggle with it now.  Lack of confidence in my own ability, self-worthiness etc, etc.  It can be a very dark cloud to be underneath, that is why I try and help other women to be the best version of themselves using clothing, helping them feel organised and giving them confidence.

You will also see me walking the playground sometimes with no make-up (which I've only managed to pluck up the courage to do in the past year!) in my gym clothes, but they are always pink, colourful and co-ordinated! lol x 

So come on girls, lets get up, dress up and never give up! 

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