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  1. Let’s talk layering

    Like flicking a switch, the 1st September arrived and the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worse!

    The evenings are already getting shorter and there is definitely an autumnal nip in the air!

    Sometimes this ‘in-between weather’ can be hard to dress for.  It starts off cold in the morning and by the afternoon it’s a tropical heatwave!

    So, what do you wear?

    Layering what you already have

    Layering is the key to autumnal dressing. Easy layers that you can take on and off as the weather changes throughout the day so you don’t end up feeling cold or stifled.

    Wearing your summer vest tops underneath your clothes is a great idea, especially if you tuck them in.  The extra layer will be so much warmer and you won’t have to wear a big coat, just a lightweight jacket.

    Most day dresses can be worn with a jumper over the top which not only keeps you warmer, it gives the dress a different look and utilises more of your existing wardrobe.

    Some summer dresses, especially if they are darker coloured, look great with a thin polo neck underneath, thick tights and boots! You could always take the tights off throughout the day if it gets really warm and maybe pop a pair of sandals in your bag!

    Layering up a casual outfit of jeans, a tee, blazer and trench coat or mac is a great way of looking great whilst having layers you can take off and still look good.

    Tonal Dressing

    Tonal dressing works very well at this time of year, wearing all of the same colour but in different tones.  It looks classy and stylish yet its practical because you can remove layers as the weather warms throughout the day.

    What you may need to buy

    Make sure you have at least one pair of ankle boots to wear with jeans, dresses, skirts with thick boots.  Something with a small heel, either kitten, block, wedge (you decide what is most comfortable) will add height and length to your legs making you appear taller and slimmer.

    You also need to invest in a neutral lightweight jacket, not a blazer or coat but a jacket or duster coat that will see you through the autumnal changeable weather without making you feel stifled.

    Here’s a checklist of essentials for the autumn wardrobe:

    • At least one pair of neutral ankles boots or a statement boot (animal print for example)
    • A blazer or lightweight jacket
    • Ankle length slim or skinny jeans to be worn with ankle boots, trainers or sandals
    • Lightweight knitwear that can be layered with a tee or shirt underneath, or thin enough to wear under a blazer or jacket.
    • Midi length dresses (from your summer collection) that can be worn with trainers or ankle boots and as the weather cools you can wear thick tights and biker or knee length boots.
    • Accessories, accessories, accessories! – layer up those necklaces for an on-trend look, lightweight scarves to add interest and bring your outfit together (video to follow on how to tie scarves)
    • A statement handbag to add a splash of colour.


    Autumn colours can sometimes be quite dull, there’s no need to stick to brown, burgundy and burnt orange! If you like to stick to black as your safe colour then why not use a brightly coloured handbag or jacket or even some animal print ankle boots to push you out of your comfort zone. Wearing colour can bring so much to your life so experiment and be brave!

    Click on the links below for some examples:

    Snakeskin heel ankle boots -

    Yellow circle cross body bag -

    Turqouise jacket -

    Knitted cape jacket -


    If you need any advice on layering or dressing for Autumn just give me a call on 0776 3341849.

    Happy layering lovelies



  2. Some women embrace summer and can't wait to ditch the jumpers and throw on the strappy tops, bare their flesh and soak up the sun.

    Others, like me, hang on to wearing their 80 denier tights as long as possible and try to stay as covered up in summer as possible without physically melting!

    So, I thought I'd put together a little blog about what to wear in the summer when you don't like feeling exposed!

    Choose your fabrics wisely 

    To stay cool in the heat you must opt for fabrics such as cotton, linen or light jersey. Avoid anything made of polyester or nylon that isn't breathable, natural and clings to your skin, making you feel even hotter.

    Many people avoid linen because it creases but I think linen nowadays is so much better and although creases, doesn't leave you looking like a bag lady within half an hour of wearing it. Try and choose better quality if you are buying linen, more so than if you are buying cotton or jersey as this will help to avoid the crease factor.

    The Bottom Half

    Our bottom half causes a lot of stress and anxiety for many women, we don't like our thighs, they rub together, we don't like the veins in our legs, we have cellulite, we have pasty white skin, etc etc.

    If you have problems with your thighs rubbing together why not choose a lightweight trouser or even better, culottes. Culottes are very on trend and offer a comfortable, cool and stylish way of dressing for the summer.  They look great and stop thigh rub.  Avoid culottes that are too wide if you have short legs as these can make you look shorter.

    Denim culottes

    Alternatively go for a tapered cotton capri trouser, there are lots of patterened trousers that look great in the sun with everything from leopard print, zebra, floral, aztec or stripes, something for every taste.

    linen trousers

    If you prefer a skirt, a maxi or midi length skirt is a great option if you are self-conscious of your legs. You can style with a slogan tee, a tie-front top or a peplum blouse, they can be dressed up with heels and dressed down with wedges, sandals or sliders.

    To avoid the dreaded thigh rub, or chub rub as it is known, you can buy little shorts to wear under your dresses or stretchy lace garters that prevent soreness where your thighs touch.  These are widely available but if you follow this link there's a wide selection at Amazon.

    The Top Half

    One of the main areas ladies are self-conscious of is their arms, especially as we get older, so summer can be a testing time with so many strappy style dresses and tops and trying to keep cool whilst covered up.

    White cold shoulder topPleat lace sleeve top

    Cold shoulder tops have proven very popular over the past few years and they are a great choice, leaving your shoulders partly exposed but covering the tops of your arms.  

    Another sleeve to look out for is an angel sleeve, lightweight and floaty and won't cling.


    Dresses are a great option for keeping cool in the summer whilst staying covered.  Opt for a midi or maxi length if you don't like having your legs exposed.  Wrap over dresses are great if you are fuller busted and if you are worried about exposing too much cleveage then pop a little vest top underneath or a lace insert bra would be much cooler and still provide the coverage a vest top would.  This bra on Marisota is ideal and goes up to a size 44F cup.

    Lace Insert Bra

    Tiered dresses which are loose fitting are very on trend and come in so many different patterns to suit every personality. 

    If you are worried about wearing a sleeveless dress which can sometimes make your arms appear bigger, opt for a frill shoulder or slight cap sleeve which will soften the edge of the shoulder.

    Leg makeup is now widely available and can make a real difference when wearing dresses, helping your legs appear smoother and slightly tanned without looking fake.  I can personally recommend the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs for evening out skin tone and hiding thread veins.

    Shirt dresses are another great option in the summer, which can also be worn through in to the colder months with thick tights and boots.  You can either wear them buttoned up to the collar or when it gets warmer, unbutton to your cleavage, especially if you have a lace insert bra on underneath!

    Capsule Summer Wardrobe

    I've put together a small capsule wardrobe of mix and match items, all of which are current season and can be interchanged with each other.  If you need help putting together your perfect summer wardrobe just send me a message or give me a call on 0776 3341849.


    White broderie top - New Look, Oval Rust Shopper - Next, White Pleat Lace Sleeve Blouse - Next, Midi Print Shirt Dress - River Island, Denim Blue Culottes - H&M, Snake Print Shirt Dress - Roman Originals, White Linen Blend Trousers - H&M, Orange Block Heel Sandals - Marks & Spencer, Beige Paper Bag Trousers - H&M


    Thanks for reading, hope its helpful.  All comments gratefully received x

    Love Helen x