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  1. When you’ve just had a baby you may have low esteem, be carrying extra weight, feel self-conscious and therefore the last thing you really want to do is expose your body to feed your baby!

    However, it doesn’t have to be difficult, here are a few ideas to help you and baby feel comfortable while feeding WITHOUT having to buy expensive breastfeeding clothing.

    1.Wear a vest!

    One of the easiest ways to feed discreetly is by wearing a stretchy vest underneath your top. By doing this you can pull the vest down just enough to expose your nipple and lift your top up to pop baby underneath.  Your body will be covered by the vest which means you can feed very discreetly. 

    2.Button up blouses, shirts and shirt dresses
    These make feeding very easy, simply unbutton and let baby feed.  If you are uncomfortable with the upper part of  your chest being exposed, use a scarf or muslin and tuck it in your bra strap before unbuttoning your blouse and just drape it across you and baby.
    3.Dungarees / pinafore dresses
    Another easy option, simply unbutton one of the straps and lift your top, or if you are wearing a shirt / blouse underneath, unfasten the buttons and pull the pinafore down to your waist.
    4.Wrap-over tops and dresses 
    This style of top or dress is great for breastfeeding, usually stretchy and easy to move, you can simply move the top to one side and feed easily. If you have a vest top underneath, lift the vest top up to avoid too much of your chest being exposed.
    If you like wearing jewellery there’s no need to stop when breastfeeding and quite often as baby gets older they like to have something to twiddle and fidget with when feeding.  Invest in safety tested breastfeeding jewellery such as Mama Jewels that you can wear when feeding but still looks fashionable enough to wear afterwards.

    Scarves are a very worthwhile accessory when breastfeeding, not only do they look nice, they keep you from feeling exposed, and also help baby get less distracted while feeding if you they are lightweight enough to drape over baby’s head.

    Finally, and most importantly, make sure you invest in nursing bras which unclip and get measured by a professional bra fitter when buying.

    If you are looking to buy specific nursing clothing, here's a few websites which may be of use:

    I hope that helps and good luck with your breastfeeding journey x